25+ Genius Marketing Tips

Check out this Marketing & Entrepreneurship article that gives you 25+ Genius Marketing Tips you can use to be successful.

Which tips were your favorite?


Definitely number three: “Then, analyze the utilization of each tool — could you be getting more out of it?”

A big part of this one, for me, is companies bringing aboard new tools without a clear roadmap of where you plan to take them or without the resources to implement that roadmap well.

Also, ties in with the “do fewer things better” and “quality over quantity” items.

Ensure it’s the right move at the right time and that you’re fully committed to doing whatever you choose to do well.

90/10. It’s always the 90/10

Tip# 5 Automate boring work! Even going farther than just their suggestion of Google Analytics and using Zapier for automation.

Great suggestions-I like the idea of expanding on friends in FB-perhaps have your employees like your organizational page on facebook to help draw their friends in.

i love tip 6. as i’ve grown the program to 3x over the last few years, i want to start thinking quality and repurposing rather than just always creating new topics (if we can). trying to look at ways to leverage/package materials globally now.

I really agree with automating boring work. Helps keep energy up and less time wishing you were doing something else.

Automating boring work is always my go-to. You can automate so many things, especially with access to some development resources and can save a ton of time.

Number three for sure.

Tip #6, it’s great to remember that repurposing content is also helpful rather than creating new.

I like #18, “do fewer things better” a great reminder this Thursday!

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Tip #12 " Act more like a friend on social media."

I love tip #2. With so many new and upcoming platforms its easy to get sidetracked and want to try every new thing that comes along. We should continue to focus the majority of our budget on what we know works and then use the rest to experiment and try new things.

I love both #2 and #3!